Artist(s) : UNKNOWN (label reads COLUMBUS PHARAOHS)
Writer(s) :UNKNOWN
Session : Cleveland, OH circa 50s
Publisher : JAN CEE MUSIC
Issue Date: June 15, 2007
Record # : MALTSHOP 3-B
Pressing Info: 750 black vinyl stock copies, 150 color-vinyl promotional copies.  Maroon label w/ silver print.

Comments : Produced from an original 45 rpm acetate.  Great doo wop jump, male lead w/ group vocal background.  It took the digital age to achieve pressing-quality restoration of the studio reference disc.  This song (and its flipside) were one of a few "mystery tunes" played via cassette copy at local Pittsburgh dances during the 60's, and could be heard nowhere else!   Although the song was originally thought to be a previously unreleased work by THE Columbus Pharaohs we've learned that it was recorded by an unknown band and vocal group.  Nevertheless, the music stands on its own merit and authenticity and we're pleased that we can offer another original vinyl recording that's available... Nowhere else!

NOTE: Our digital restoration of this anonymous sound recording is copyrighted and registered with the Library of Congress.