What's a "Minute Madness?"

Or, Strange Goings-on In The Studio!

Minute madness is a sixty second out-take contained on the original 12", 33 1/3rpm acetate master
from a recording session held at WISH-TV's walk-in studio in Beech Grove, Indiana.  As the
band begins to record "Traveler Of Love" the sound engineer (apparently more of an amateur
than the musicians) accidently bumps a switch on the mixing board, cutting in the station's feed
of its radio broadcast monitor- "No, Not Much" by the Four Lads!   Mild panic ensues, but finally the
acetate was flipped over and the band cut a great rockabilly ballad.  This version of "Traveler Of Love" pre-
dates the B-Side recording found on the Note/ABC Paramount releases by six months, and was used
for Ronnie Haig's audition for Note Records.  All three tracks on this vinyl EP remain essentially as recorded,
with a minimum of noise reduction used.  It's apparent from the sound that this acetate remained uncovered
in a closet for over 30 years. One additional track from the acatate remains unreleased, a slower 3 1/2 minute 
version of the ballad "Unforgotten Love".  This title was re-recorded in 1961 and released as the B-side of
Silverball 101.  "Hey Little Baby" and "Traveler Of Love" (in a slightly up-tempo dance remix of the ballad's
vinyl version) are available in digitally restored format as part of the first Maltshop "Super Six-Pak" CD.