This newsgroup is created to promote record collecting by establishing a record show/swap meet environment on the Internet.  All postings related to the hobby, including discussion, buying, selling, website URL pointers, announcements etc. are encouraged.

The charter recognizes the individuality of Usenet newsgroups and subscribers; therefore, no attempt to restrict the scope of record collecting activities will be established by rule.


As stated in the charter, there are no specific restrictions being placed on posting to alt.collecting.records.  However, the following suggestions will greatly improve the distribution and readership of your posted message.


Many collectors in the Usenet newsgroups have settled on standard prefixes when composing headers for buying and selling.  Some of the more commonly used abbreviations are as follows:

FS: (for sale)
WTB: (wanted to buy)
WTT: (wanted to trade)
FA: (for auction)
eBay: (pointer for an auction item at eBay's web site)

Be aware that "newbies", or subscribers who visit an active newsgroup once a week or less, are often faced with several hundred postings at a time.  Standard prefixes such as these can help sort through unwanted messages with a minimum of hassle- collectors usually know what they're searching for when they visit a newsgroup.  "Auction hype" of common records, or misleading headers will most likely result in your being "thumped" by the veteran collectors in the group :)


Everything that's related to our record hobby is appropriate for alt.collecting.records!  However, making yourself a welcome visitor or a successful advertiser to the newsgroup requires using just a bit of common sense.  Posting 200 single-listing for sale ads every day for a week is one sure way to have your posts ignored, and most likely earn you a reputation within the group that's not real good for record sales.  Indiscriminately posting unsolicited binaries or .wav files to the group, while not prohibited by the charter, are likewise discouraged due to ISP limitations and bandwidth considerations.  A much better way is to include a pointer to a website, gallery or alt. group in your message, along with a brief description of what's there.

When buying or selling records, be sure to include the label's name, and the record or album number in addition to the artist's name and song title.  Most music reference books index their entries by record label; price guides index their entries by artist, followed by their various record labels and number series.   Individual titles are usually only listed when the record is scarce, or when there are pressing variations of the same record.  Note: Posts containing inquiries as to a record's value often go unanswered without all of the above information.


There is no single Right Way to collect records!  "Talkin' Rekkids" can involve different record collecting habits or viewpoints from all parts of the globe, so keep in mind that everyone is entitled to respect for their own opinion.  Learn to use the [Delete] key if a subject or thread doesn't suit your taste, it's obvious that someone out there finds it interesting or worthwhile.  "Agreeing to disagree" can go a long way towards holding the inevitable flame wars down to a minimum.   As for spam, the best way to deal with multiple cross-posted articles is to simply ignore them; it's mostly one-timers anyway.  Lastly, try to maintain a good sense of humor, it will help make your visit to alt.collecting.records a more enjoyable experience!

Authored by:
"Stephen Jaye"


Charter and FAQ copyright 1999, 2001  All rights reserved by Author.  The above document may only be copied or re-transmitted in its entirety, and must include this message.

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