vol4lbl-blu-a (41K) vol4lbl-blu-b (42K)
vol4lbl-grn-a (55K) vol4lbl-grn-b (55K)

The entire mastering process was repeated by G&C for Volume 4 although the record contains the same songs as Volume 3. The resultant pair of 'deep groove' stampers are unlike those made for the two previous volumes and suggest that a new location or equipment was used for production.  Despite changes in label color all Volume 4 records are considered first release and most collectors do not value the two colors differently; however, it's likely that since the label retains the RCA matrix numbers they were pressed some time after the unauthorized record was discovered.  Matrix shows G&C 1595- B-79x   MAD MIKE #4 FAST , MAD MIKE #4 SLOW   G&C 1594- B-79x . Note that the official More Mad Mike Moldies release is #1592 but the two consecutive deadwax matrix numbers reflect what would have logically followed Volume 5 (which was apparently already in pre-production and assigned #1593! ) had the series continued.

Weight: light blue label- 192.1g ; green label-194.7g     Author purchased light blue LP on first day of availability.

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