vol3lbl-a (54K) vol3lbl-b (54K)

This record is key to understanding the author's claim that first and second pressings exist within the Mad Mike Moldies LP series. Obviously not a legitimate National Record Mart production- Unlike the two previous volumes that were produced at the G&C pressing plant in Pittsburgh's Strip District, Volume 3 was manufactured at a record pressing facility in Rockaway, New Jersey!  Appearing in the deadwax is the familiar RCA machine-stamped matrix which decodes as having been mastered in the latter-half of 1966 from a customer-supplied tape source.
(see more on this at: http://anorakscorner.homestead.com/pressingplantinfo.html )

One can imagine that legal steps were taken by the owners of the "Mad Mike Moldies" trademark to prohibit its sale and impound the vinyl while a new corporation, Supreme Teen Enterprises, is formed to control future distribution.  Deadwax shows TR4M -5657 -1 , TR4M -5658 -1 , and the "R" designation for the Rockaway plant. Weight: 140.3g  Note- This unauthorized record was eventually placed into a
closeout-stickered Volume 4 jacket (as were apparently many others) and offered at discounted retail sale in National Record Mart stores once all production ceased.

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