Please email first to guarantee record availability.  Domestic postage is $5.00 for one record.  For multiple purchases, keep in mind that the weight of 78s varies widely so I will quote you the cost of postage.  Domestic shipping is by USPS media mail w/ delivery confirmation.  This includes a new Bags Unlimited 10" mailer box and at least 4 cardboard pads- I know how to pack 78s so that they will arrive unbroken.  I can also ship via USPS Priority mail for an additional charge.  Insurance against loss of a "bullet-proof" package is still your option; fee added to final amount.  We welcome overseas orders and will quote you the actual cost for USPS First Class Airmail plus USD$2.00 for packaging materials.

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Note on visual grading-  Standard  N, E, V, G, F, and P;  (+) or (-) denotes range within grade.  Records with two grades refer to sides A/B.
'N-' records are N.O.S. and look unplayed.  An E+ record looks new at first glance, probably played a half-dozen times or so.  An 'E' record shows signs of being out of its sleeve but plays with minimal background.  Full shine w/ insignificant scuffing and clean labels. An E- record will show some light scuffs but no audible problems except a very light, even background.  A V+ record may be a slightly greyed E or shiny with some scuffing or light rubs- none of which affect play beyond a light hiss.  A 'V' record has retained some gloss but may show stack rubs, scuffs, light scratches, etc.  In other words- Used but acceptable, and still enjoyable when played.  A V- record will still play well above the moderate background. A 'G' record looks and sounds well-played but no skips or repeats.   'F' and 'P' are reserved for deeply scratched or impaired records.  In addition to visual grading is audio sampling of overall play quality utilizing a Dual 1019 turntable, Shure M78S cartridge/3 mil stylus tracking @ 2grams, and dual-stage RIAA correction.  

N - Z

Nic Nacs  RPM 342  Found Me A Sugar Daddy/Gonna Have A Merry Xmas  (slt warp,more play on the killer Christmas blues tune)  E- $10.00

Olympics  REO 8265  Western Movies/ Well  (canada press)  V+ $40.00

Original Creole Stompers  AMERICAN MUSIC 513  Eh, La-Bas!/ Up Jumped The Devil  (sm wax stain a-side dnap, unlisted,obscure Pittsburgh lbl, incredible 'Nawlins creole jazz vocal/inst)  E- $30.00

Orioles  JUBILEE 5005  Tell Me So/ Deacon Jones  (still enjoyable)  V- $3.00

Orioles  JUBILEE 5016  So Much/ Forgive And Forget  ;V/V- $3.00

Johnny Otis Orch. w/ Mel Walker  SAVOY 766  Rockin' Blues/ My Heart Tells Me  (a-side killer fidelity! b-side couple lt tics/swishes from shellac imperfections. nice play copy priced right)  E/E-  $5.00

Hal Paige   ATLANTIC 996   Drive It Home/ Break Of Day Blues   (a-side seen a bit more play,tape flip, still nice)   V+ $15.00

Hal Paige  ATLANTIC 1032  Please Say You Do/ Big Foot May  (a-side sm wol,factory sleeve, probably played less than a dozen times)  E+ $40.00

The Pastels  ARGO 5287  Been So Long/ My One And Only Dream  (3/4-inch stress hairline DNAP, professionally stabilized on edge. Great play copy- loud & clear!)  V+ $5.00

The Penguins  DOOTONE 348   Hey Senorita/ Earth Angel  (blue label, b-side water stn w/ lt swish mid-song 'Earth Angel')  V+ $5.00

The Rainbows  RED ROBIN 134   Mary Lee/ Evening   (tough first label)  E $75.00
** SAME (wol, paper wear c.h., b-side bit scratchy but Mary Lee plays great- nice play copy on original label)   V+/V $20.00

The Ravens   HUB 3032   Out Of A Dream/ My Sugar Is So Refined  (vy slight rub a-side, plays beautifully)  E-/E $25.00

The Ravens  HUB 3033   Bye Bye Baby Blues/ Once And For All  (another grainy press and some even wear. Toughest one other than special issues, still quite enjoyable)   V $15.00

Alton Redd  BEL-TONE 757  Let's Get Together/ Mean Ol' World  (a-side grt risque blues shouter plays well w/ one click from needle drop, b-side first 1/3 hissy from poor pressing. Other than all that it's like a brand new rekkid!!! lol)  V $2.00

Lula Reed  KING 4737  A Quiet Time With Jesus/ What Could I Do But Believe...  (lg wax pit b-side)  E $20.00

Sister Jesse Mae Renfro  PEACOCK 1588  In That Home By And By/ He's So Wonderful  (lots of music left, killer vocals)  V $10.00

Todd Rhodes Orch.  KING 4528  Rocket 69/Possessed  (a-side greying, still enjoyable)  V/V+ $10.00

Todd Rhodes Orch.  KING 4666  Let Down Blues/Beet Patch  (great blues vocal by Sadie Madison! flip inst.)  E $35.00

Jimmy Ricks  MERCURY 8296  Love Is The Thing/ Too Soon  V $5.00

Robert & Johnny   OLD TOWN 1029   You're Mine/ Million Dollar Bills  (sm label tears, plays loud + strong)   V+ $10.00

The Robins  SPARK 122  Smokey Joe's Cafe/ Just Like A Fool  (storage accounts for most of this record's defects- stack rub in deadwax both sides, slight lbl ring a-side. plays excellent!)  E- $75.00

Bill Robinson & The Quails   DELUXE 6030   Quit Pushin'/ Lonely Star  (ballpoint scribble a-side lbl, few ticks at song runout)   )   E- $25.00

Bill Robinson & The Quails   DELUXE 6059 wlp  Why Do I Wait/ Heaven Is The Place  (promo, grt rocker/doo wop combo)  E+ $75.00

Joe Rock  STELLA 2048  Rock And Roll Polka/ Buffalo City Polka  (Pittsburgh's own??? Joe promoted The Skyliners)  V+ $5.00

The Royals  FEDERAL 12150   Hello Miss Fine/ I Feel That-A Way  (their toughest, so close to mint but a vy slt edge warp plays 2 1/2 gm)  E+ $20.00

The Royals  FEDERAL 12160   That's It/ Someone Like You   (great 2-sider, a-side a bit more play)   V+/E- $10.00

The Royaltones   OLD TOWN 1018   Crazy Love/ Never Let Me   (wol. stack rub but plays ex!!!)   V $10.00

Cathy Ryan  KING 1495   24 Hours A Day/ With You  (Great effort, her best. still in King sleeve!)  N- $75.00

The Schoolboys   OKEH 7076   Please Say You Want Me/ Shirley  (small 1/8" flake on label, rough edge trim noticeable 'Shirley' side only)  E $15.00

Mabel Scott  EXCLUSIVE 75x  Boogie Woogie Santa Claus/ Every Little Doggie Has Its Day  E- $20.00

The Sensational Nightingales  PEACOCK 1774  View That Holy City/ Pressing On  (nice uptempo 2-sider gospel)  E- $10.00

Frankie Lee Sims  ACE 539  I Warned You Baby/ My Talk Didn't Do Any Good  (two great blues rockers. sm lbl flake in deadwax)  N- $60.00

Skylarks  NASHBORO 548  Call You In The Morning/ Letter From Jesus  (promo, great gospel rocker)  E+ $40.00

The Spaniels  VEEJAY 107  Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight/ You Don't Move Me  (plays incredible, just a few superficial scuffs)  E- $35.00

The Spiders  IMPERIAL 5291  I'm Slippin In/ I'm Searching  E-/E $10.00

The Spiritualaires of Columbia S.C.  VJ 847  Pressing On/ Family Prayer  E+ $40.00

Johnny Standley  MAGNOLIA 1063  It's In The Book Pts. 1&2   (a-side scfs,rare 1st lbl! Most know this as 'Little Bo Peep/ Grandma's Lye Soap')  V+ $25.00

Arbee Stidham  SITTIN' IN WITH 596  Nothing Seems Right/ Sixty Minutes To Wait  (flip grt moldie oldie blues rocker)  E $75.00

Sunset Travelers  DUKE 201  My Number Will Be Changed/ Yes, Yes, I've Done My Duty  (1/4" lbl tr flip at c.h.)   E+ $10.00

Sunset Travelers  DUKE 204  I Am Building A Home/ Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down  (plays well for grade)  V-/V $3.00

Swallows  FEDERAL 12333  Itchy Twitchy Feeling/ Who Knows, Do You  (more play a-side, full fidelity)  E-/E $50.00

Swanee Quintet  NASHBORO 538  Sit Down Servant/ Well Done  E/E- $8.00
**SAME V+ $4.00

Tampa Red/ Golden Gate Quartet  RCA DJ-588 wlp  Grieving Blues/ This World Is In A Bad Condition  (unlisted split promo)  V+ $50.00

The Tone Twins  ATLANTIC 1064    Hey Pretty Girl/ How Can I Win Your Love  E $20.00

The Topps  RED ROBIN 126  What Do You Do/ Tippin'  (beautiful N.O.S.)  N- $100.00

The Turbans  HERALD 458  When You Dance/Let Me Show You  (some stack rub, plays ex. very early press w/push mark and 1/2" center depression- only 2nd one seen in 25 years!)  V+ $30.00

Big Joe Turner & Pete Johnson Trio  DECCA 11001  It's The Same Old Story/Rebecca  (wax bubble on the blues a-side, great rockin flip)  E-/E $25.00

Bonnie Tutmarc/ Clyde Wesch  MORRISON (A11/F4)  Sailing Thru Sunny San Juan Isles/ Just Like A Dream  (gorgeous multicolor shellac, a-side lbl autographed by song co-author Mary M. Parker.  Great wall hanger from female vocalist "Bonnie Guitar"!)  V+  $40.00

Valentines  RAMA 171  Lily Maybelle/ Falling For You  (tape a-side lbl)  V- $2.00

Eddie Vinson  MERCURY 8110  Have You Ever Missed Your Baby/ Friday Fish Fry  V+ $5.00

Billy Ward & Dominoes   FEDERAL 12129   Don't Leave Me This Way/ These Foolish Thingsā€¦   (gold top labels)   V+ $10.00

Billy Ward & Dominoes   FEDERAL 12139   You Can't keep A Good Man Down/ Where Now, Little Heart   (silver top, bit more play a-side)   V+/E $25.00

Billy Ward & Dominoes  KING 1281  Christmas In Heaven/ Ringing In A Brand New Year  (bit noisy for grade, priced accordingly)  E/E- $10.00

Clara Ward  SAVOY 4012  Just Over The Hill/ He Knows How Much We Can Bear  V+ $2.00

Eddie Ware  CHESS 1461  Lima Beans/Wandering Lover  V/V+ $25.00

Charles Watkins  SAVOY 4049 wlp  Don't Let This Harvest Pass/ Run, Run & Tell Him  (promo, a-side bit more play w/catalog sticker ol. b-side tasty R&B gospel jump)  E- $10.00

Young John Watson  FEDERAL 12131   Motor Head Baby/ Sad Fool   (a-side label damage)   E- $ $15.00

Joe Weaver   DELUXE 6006   Soft Pillow/15-40 Special  (stack rubbed but plays great)  V/V+ $20.00

Lester Williams   SPECIALTY 431   Let Me Tell You A Thing Or Two/ Tryin' To Forget   (all-yellow DJ label bit of fade a-side. lt rub in deadwax, still nice)   E- $15.00

Chuck Willis  OKEH 7015  What's Your Name/ You're Still My Baby  (some sm edge dings on this thick pressing dnap)  V $3.00

The Willows   MELBA 102   Church Bells May Ring/ Baby Tell Me    E- $15.00

Jimmy Witherspoon  CHECKER 810  Time Brings About A Change/Waiting For Your Return  (lt stack rubs DNAP, super-nice lbls)  E- $15.00

Jimmy Witherspoon  FEDERAL 12095  Two Little Girls/ Foolish Prayer  (slight haze)   E $20.00

Jimmy Witherspoon w/ B. Tate Orch  SUPREME 1533  In The Evening/ Six-Foot-Two Blues  (a-side bit more play, grt jump blues-shouter flip...tough one,78 only)  V+/E- $30.00

Donald Woods & The Vel-Aires   FLIP 306   Death Of An Angel/ Man From Utopia   (scuffs flip)   V+ $10.00

Please email first to reserve records. Postage will be added to ALL orders.

email: stvnj@janceemusic.com