Please email first to guarantee record availability.  Domestic postage is $5.00 for one record.  For multiple purchases, keep in mind that the weight of 78s varies widely so I will quote you the cost of postage.  Domestic shipping is by USPS media mail w/ delivery confirmation.  This includes a new Bags Unlimited 10" mailer box and at least 4 cardboard pads- I know how to pack 78s so that they will arrive unbroken.  I can also ship via USPS Priority mail for an additional charge.  Insurance against loss of a "bullet-proof" package is still your option; fee added to final amount.  We welcome overseas orders and will quote you the actual cost for USPS First Class Airmail plus USD$2.00 for packaging materials.

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Note on visual grading-  Standard  N, E, V, G, F, and P;  (+) or (-) denotes range within grade.  Records with two grades refer to sides A/B.
'N-' records are N.O.S. and look unplayed.  An E+ record looks new at first glance, probably played a half-dozen times or so.  An 'E' record shows signs of being out of its sleeve but plays with minimal background.  Full shine w/ insignificant scuffing and clean labels. An E- record will show some light scuffs but no audible problems except a very light, even background.  A V+ record may be a slightly greyed E or shiny with some scuffing or light rubs- none of which affect play beyond a light hiss.  A 'V' record has retained some gloss but may show stack rubs, scuffs, light scratches, etc.  In other words- Used but acceptable, and still enjoyable when played.  A V- record will still play well above the moderate background. A 'G' record looks and sounds well-played but no skips or repeats.   'F' and 'P' are reserved for deeply scratched or impaired records.  In addition to visual grading is audio sampling of overall play quality utilizing a Dual 1019 turntable, Shure M78S cartridge/3 mil stylus tracking @ 2grams, and dual-stage RIAA correction.  

G - M

G-Clefs  REGENCY 525  Ka-Ding Dong/ Darla, My Darlin  (canadian press, great sound)  E $20.00

Don Gardner & His Sonotones  BRUCE 105  How Do You Speak To An Angel/Sonotone Bounce  (some groove wiggle)  E $10.00

Gene & Eunice  COMBO 64  Ko Ko Mo/ You And Me  (more play a-side)  V+/E $10.00

Roscoe Gordon w/ Robert Bland  CHESS 1487  Booted/ Love You 'Til The Day I Die  (wol, lots of shine but lt audible scrs- still vy enjoyable)  V $15.00

Lil Greenwood w/ Little Wille & The Four Jacks   FEDERAL 12082   Monday Morning Blues/ My Last Hour  (wht lbl promo plays super nice! AA-side needle scratch on label)  V+ $20.00

Lillie Greenwood   MODERN 757  Come Back Baby/ Ain't Gonna Cry   (unlisted, a-side greying w/ light to moderate background, b-side lots of wax dimples looks unplayed. great unlisted female R&B rocker! )  V+ $10.00

Deacon Andy Griffith   CAPITOL 2693   What It Was, Was Football Parts 1&2   (hilarious!)   E $5.00

Jimmy Grissom  FEDERAL 12046  Once In Love Blues/ I'll Still Keep Loving You  (hazy shellac, lt. surface, otherwise)  E+ $20.00

Felix Gross & His Sextet   DOWN BEAT 109   Don't Make Me Late, Baby/ Six Eight Boogie V $5.00

Roy Hamilton   EPIC 9257   Don't Let Go/ The Right To Love   E-  $10.00

The Harptones  BRUCE 109  Forever Mine/Why Should I Love You  V+ $10.00

Wynonie Harris  QUALITY/KING 4047  (Bloodshot Eyes/ Lollipop Mama  few lbl flakes, canada press, plays ex)  V+ $15.00
**SAME  (nicer labels, stack rub mostly flip DNAP. Better than grade)  V+ $20.00

Wynonie Harris  VOGUE 2127    Bloodshot Eyes/ Lollipop Mama   (rare UK press. note diff. flip, looks unplayed but one spindle scf in wax, lt 'foxing' on lbl from long-term storage)  N- $30.00
**SAME (sm flake a-side not into run-in; three flakes b-side run-in)   V $3.00

Wynonie Harris w/ Lucky Millinder,Myra Johnson  KING 4418 wlp  Oh Babe!/ Silent George  (78rpm only)  E- $20.00

Erskine Hawkins & Four Hawks  KING 4671  My Baby Please/ Down The Alley  (white label promo!)  E- $30.00

Linda Hayes   HOLLYWOOD 1003   Take Me Back/ Yours For The Asking  (scarce this nice)   E+ $15.00

Linda Hayes  KING 4752  My Name Ain't Annie/ Let's Babalu  (gorgeous NOS w/ KING slv)  N- $25.00

Linda Hayes/Que Martin   R.I. HOLLYWOOD 244   Yes I Know/ Sister Anne   (great answer song,storage ring)  V+ $5.00

Duke Henderson  Down Beat 147  Old Maid's Prayer/Dr. Dukes Boogie  (grainy press, lt background but full fidelity. Tough one!)  E $40.00

The Hi-Fi's  MADCAP 101  Josephine/Smog Bound  (obscure novelty tunes, few lbl flakes a-side)  E $10.00

Donna Hightower   RPM 432   Love Me Again/ Dog Gone It  (grt R&B stroller,large 'W' in ballpoint ol)  V $10.00

Honey Bears  SPARK 104  One Bad Stud/ It's A Miracle  (a-side lbl off-cntr)  E $25.00

Linda Hopkins  SAVOY 834  Walkin' And Talkin' Blues/Sad And Lonely  (unlisted promo plays ex, just some rub/lt. scfs)  V+ $10.00

Rosetta Howard  COLUMBIA 37573   Ebony Rhapsody/ When I Been Drinking  (Vy thick press,lt. background typical)   E- $10.00

Helen Humes  MODERN 779  Million Dollar Secret/ I'm Gonna Let Him Ride  (vy lt spindle trails,scfs)  E-/E $15.00

Ivory Joe Hunter  ATLANTIC 1191  You Flip Me Baby/ Yes I Want You  (lg scuff flip still plays near mint)  E-  $15.00

The Imperials   GREAT LAKES 1201   Life Of Ease/ It Won't Be Very Long  E- $35.00

The Internes  VEE JAY 878  I've Been In The Storm/ What Can I Do For Jesus  V+ $10.00

Earl Jackson  SUPREME 1532  So Help Me/ Woman Don't Want A Good Man No More  (jump flip)  nice V $20.00

Willis 'Gator Tail' Jackson  Atlantic 957  Wine-O-Wine/ Good Gliding  V $10.00

The Jaguars  AARDELL 0003  I Wanted You/ Rock It, Davy, Rock it  (NOS, vy slt warp)  E+ $10.00

Jimmy James and The Candy Kanes  COLUMBIA 2603  Baby Sitter Rock/Teen-Age Beauty  (grt rockabilly, Canada-only 78!)  E+ $35.00

Jewel Jubilee Singersl  KING 4270  What Are They Doing In Heaven/When I Lay My Burden Down  E- $10.00

The Jewels  IMPERIAL 5351   Hearts Can Be Broken/ Angel In My Life   (a-side tasty answer song, some haze both sides DNAP)   E- $10.00

The Jewels    IMPERIAL 5377    Rickety Rock/ How    (strong player, stack rub)    V+ $20.00

The Jive Bombers  SAVOY 1508   Bad Boy/ When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver  (plays mint, storage rub)E  $15.00

The Jivers  ALADDIN 3329  Cherie/ Little Mama  (lt scfs, plays ex!)  V+ $50.00

Betty Johnson  BALLY 1000  I'll Wait/Please Tell Me Why  E+ $10.00

Little Johnny Jones  Flair 1010  Sweet Little Woman/ I May Be Wrong  (looks unplayed, as it should. incredible two-sider vocals actually performed by Elmore James)  N- $100.00

Louis Jordan  DECCA 18762  Reconversion Blues/ Salt Pork, West Virginia  V+ $5.00

Earl King  ACE 514  My Love Is Strong/Little Girl  (fast warp plays well at 3gm, otherwise)  E $20.00

Kings  JAX 314  I Love You Baby/ Why? Oh Why?  (lt scrs flip, some lt tics. Maroon lbl)   V+/V $15.00

Larks  APOLLO 427  Eyesight To The Blind/ I Ain't Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes  V-/V  $5.00

Bobby Lester  CHECKER 813  Hug And A Kiss/New Gal  (flip off center)  E- $12.00 --> Smiley Lewis  IMPERIAL 5241  Caldonia's Party/ Oh Baby  E- $20.00

Smiley Lewis  IMPERIAL 5372  Queen Of Hearts/ Come On  V+ $5.00

Jimmy Liggins and His 3-D Men  SPECIALTY 470  Drunk/I'll Never Let You Go  E+ $25.00

Little Esther & Mel  FEDERAL 12055  The Crying Blues/ Ring-A-Ding-Do  V $5.00

Little Esther & Mel  FEDERAL 12078  Aged And Mellow/ Bring My Lovin' Back To Me  (hazy wax)  E- $40.00

Little Esther & Bobby Nunn  FEDERAL 12100  Saturday Night Baby/ Mainliner  (tough one this nice!)  E $50.00
**SAME  (sm a-side dimple, lbl flakes at ch)  V+ $30.00

Little Willie Littlefield  BULLSEYE 1005  Ruby-Ruby/ Easy Go  (lt tickish intro, btg)  V $10.00

Preston Love  FEDERAL 12145  My Love Is Draggin'/ Suicide Blues  (wlp, wild flip, plays ex)  E- $10.00

The Lovers  LAMP 2005  Darling It's Wonderful/Got A Whole Lotta Lovin' To Do  (3/8" chip b-side very nicely repaired, great play copy, otherwise)  E  $5.00

Jim Lowe  DOT 15486   The Green Door/ The Little Man In Chinatown   V+ $5.00

Luther & Little Eva   KING 5010    Love Is Strange/ Ain't Got No Home  (two grt. cover songs! stack scuffing, plays ex)  V+ 15.00

Lou Mac  BLUE LAKE 114  Slow Down/ Baby  V+ $25.00

Gloria Mann  SOUND 109  I Love You, Yes I Do/Earth Angel  (vy lt warp DNAP)  E+ $5.00

Bobby Marchan  GALE 101  Chickee Wah-Wah/ Give A Helping Hand  E+ $35.00

The Masterkeys  ABBEY 3017   Mr. Blues/ Don't Cry, Darling   (not on 45rpm !)   E $40.00

Bill Mathews & The Balladeers  JUBILEE 5021  Red Sails In The Sunset/ It Ain't Right  (label credits Balladeers, killer flip)  E+ $125.00

Fats Matthews  BAYOU 016  I'm Thankful/Goin' Down  (flip a bit more play. RARE)  E-/V+ $30.00

Jerry "Boogie" McCain   TRUMPET 217   Wine-O-Wine/ East Of The Sun  (old store stock, wax pit DNAP, slt signs of storage. A beauty!)  N- $50.00

Brownie McGhee  RED ROBIN 111  Don't Dog Your Woman/ Daisy  (a-side groove wiggle, dimple flip pops 3X near song end, otherwise)  V+ $40.00

Rollee McGill  MERCURY 70582   There Goes That Train/ You Left Me Here To Cry (killer flip!)   V+ $10.00

Clyde McPhatter  ATLANTIC 2155  Without Love/I Make Believe  E $10.00

Mello Kings  HERALD 502 repro  Tonite, Tonite/ Do Baby Do  (microgroove vinyl- play w/ modern stylus  E $20.00

Memphis Slim  UNITED 182  I Love My Baby/ Four Years Of Torment  (stack rub DNAP)  V+ $15.00

The Midnighters  FEDERAL 12200  Annie's Aunt Fannie/ Crazy Loving   (a-side lt. greying)  V+/E  $5.00

The Midnights  MUSIC CITY 762  Cheating On Me/ She Left Me  (dozen plays on NOS record)  E+ $35.00

Lucky Millinder  KING 4449  Chew Tobacco Rag/Georgia Rose  V+ $15.00

Lucky Millinder  KING 4476  The Grape Vine/ No One Else Could Be  (hazy wax typical of KING)  E+ $20.00

Bobby Mitchell & The Toppers   IMPERIAL 5326   I Wish I Knew b/w Nothing Sweet As You   (a-side has a 1/2" lt. scr DNAP. Disc is E- otherwise, great pair of strollers!)   E- $5.00

The Monarchs   NEIL 101   Pretty Little Girl b/w In My Younger Days   (m- yellow lbls,lt. scfs that DNAP but detract visually. Most would give this an E for great play)   E- $20.00

Moohah  STARMAKER 501  All Shook Out/ Candy  (few minor scfs, plays like new)  E $50.00

Woo Woo Moore  MERCURY 70204 vinyl Something's Wrong/ Five Long Words  (thin flexible pressing, amazing fidelity and ultra quiet)  $40.00

Moroccos  UNITED 193  Somewhere Over The Rainbow/ Red Hots & Chili Mac  (a-side sm repaired edge chip dnap)  V- $3.00

Joe Morris  HERALD 417  I Had A Notion/Just Your Way Baby  (a-side more play, lt background still enjoyable)  V+/E $5.00

Please email first to reserve records. Postage will be added to ALL orders.

email: stvnj@janceemusic.com