Please email first to guarantee record availability.  Domestic postage is $6.00 for 1-3 records.  For multiple purchases, keep in mind that the weight of 78s varies widely so I will quote you the cost of postage.  Domestic shipping is by USPS media mail w/ delivery confirmation.  This includes a new Bags Unlimited 10" mailer box and at least 4 cardboard pads- I know how to pack 78s so that they will arrive unbroken.  I can also ship via USPS Priority mail for an additional charge.  Insurance against loss of a "bullet-proof" package is still your option; fee added to final amount.  We welcome overseas orders and will quote you the actual cost for USPS First Class Airmail (up to 4 pounds) plus USD$2.00 for packaging materials.

email: stvnj@janceemusic.com

Note on visual grading-  Standard  N, E, V, G, F, and P;  (+) or (-) denotes range within grade.  Records with two grades refer to sides A/B.
'N-' records are N.O.S. and look unplayed.  An E+ record looks new at first glance, probably played a half-dozen times or so.  An 'E' record shows signs of being out of its sleeve but plays with minimal background.  Full shine w/ insignificant scuffing and clean labels. An E- record will show some light scuffs but no audible problems except a very light, even background.  A V+ record may be a slightly greyed E or shiny with some scuffing or light rubs- none of which affect play beyond a light hiss.  A 'V' record has retained some gloss but may show stack rubs, scuffs, light scratches, etc.  In other words- Used but acceptable, and still enjoyable when played.  A V- record will still play well above the moderate background. A 'G' record looks and sounds well-played but no skips or repeats.   'F' and 'P' are reserved for deeply scratched or impaired records.  In addition to visual grading is audio sampling of overall play quality utilizing a Dual 1019 turntable, Shure M78S cartridge/3 mil stylus tracking @ 2 1/2 gm, and dual-stage RIAA correction.  

A - F

Johnny Ace/ Earl Forrest  FLAIR 1015  Mid Night Hours Journey/Trouble And Me  (vy slight warp, tough one!)  E- $5.00

Bells Of Joy  PEACOCK 1755  Just Jesus/ Doing For Jesus  (awesome acapella R&B gospel rocker)  N- $35.00

Chuck Berry  CHESS 1653  School Day (Ring Ring...)/Deep Feeling  (lots of shine,great player despite scuffs. full fidelity)  NICE V $25.00

Cornell Blakely  FULTON 2453  Don't Touch The Moon/ Promise To Be True  (late 50s! light paper-type storage scuffs- found in old, dusty distributor stash and many 78s were found with same lbl both sides- this one is correct.  E+ $10.00

Nan Blakstone  GALA 1021  Ragged But Right/ Get Yourself A Past  (sm pit flip, 3 pops)  E+ $3.00

Luther Bond & His Emeralds  SAVOY 1131  You Were My Love/ Starlight, Starbright  (factory sleeve, sm wax pit b-side)  E+ $7.00

Billy Brooks  DUKE 142  Song Of The Dreamer/ Mambo Is Everywhere  (beautiful a-side ballad. one small scuff flip is barely audible)  E+/E $3.00

Nappy Brown  SAVOY 1506  Little By Little/ I'm Getting Lonesome  (a-side scratches in deadwax NOT in clean & shiny grooves, b-side lt scratches at song runout)  E+/E- $3.00

Solomon Burke  APOLLO 500  No Man Walks Alone/ Walking In A Dream  (sweet gospel ballad w/ girl group backup)  E- $3.00

Cadillacs  JOSIE 798  Betty My Love/ Woe Is Me  (N.O.S. beauty)  N- $15.00

Willie Caston & Ever Ready Gospel Singers  ABBOTT 158  One Of These Mornings/ Jesus I Love To Call Your Name  (b-side killer gospel doo wop rocker!)  E+ $35.00

The Charms  QUALITY/KING 4308  Ling, Ting Tong/ Bazoom- I Need Your Lovin'  (scarce canadian press plays loud and strong)  V+ $8.00

Chocolateers  PARROT 781  Bartender's Blues/ Peckin  V+ $2.00

Chosen Gospel Singers  SPECIALTY 864  No Room In The Hotel/ I'm Goin' Back With Him  E- $2.00

Big Tom Collins  KING 4568  Heart Breaking Woman/Watchin' My Stuff  (lightly greyed, plays well)  V+ $8.00

Lawrence "Piano Roll" Cook  ABBEY 3029  Mason Dixon Boogie/ Cook'n The Boogie  (original flip is a jam! later replaced w/ My San Antonio Rose on many 45s. not your typical piano roll songs as these had instrumental backing)  E- $15.00

Cousin Joe  SAVOY 5527  Weddin-Day Blues/You Got It Coming To You  (He loves her/beats her- b-side non-PC classic! Few ticks here and there)  V+ $3.00

The Crescesdos  ATLANTIC 1109  Finders Keepers/ Sweet Dreams  (couple tics from wax pit a-side  E- $5.00

Junior Denby  KING 4717  With This Ring/I'm Still Lonesome  (white label promo, nice effort from Swallows member)  N- $10.00

Floyd Dixon  ALADDIN 3144  Red Cherries/ The River  (looks new but has a couple a-side wax pits that tick about a dozen times, b-side lbl a bit off-center )  E-/E+ $5.00

Floyd Dixon  CAT 114  Hey Bartender/ Is It True  (great a-side play copy for a dance or jukebox, bacon-frying flipside is shiny w/ many small pits. priced accordingly)  E-/V- $15.00

Malcolm Dodds/ Tunedrops  END 1000  It Took A Long Time/ Beauty And The Beast  (a-side bit more play, half-dozen lt intro clicks in time to the music, which is nice...)  V+/E- $3.00

Fats Domino  IMPERIAL 5428  I'm Walkin'/ I'm In The Mood For Love (flip lbl slightly off center, great play copy!) E- $8.00

The Dominoes  FEDERAL 12001  Do Something For Me/ Chicken Blues  (sm. needle drop a-side intro plays thru @ 3gm, flip has a wax pit that tics 3X during intro. AA side has a few label flakes but the label for Chicken Blues looks mint.)  E- $3.00

The Drifters  ATLANTIC 1078  Adorable/ Steamboat  (great 2-sider)  E $15.00

The Drifters  ATLANTIC 1089  Ruby Baby/Your Promise To Be Mine  (killer b-side effort! full shine, lt scfs dnap)  E- $35.00

The Du Droppers  RCA 5229  I Wanna Know/ Laughing Blues  (a-side vy. lt. greying)  V+/E $3.00

The Du Droppers  RED ROBIN 116  Come On And Love Me/ Go Back  (shiny, few lt scuffs)   E- $20.00

Jack Dupree  KING 4827  Stumbling Block/ That's My Pa  (flipside ala 'Drunk Again'. Appears N.O.S. but has light wol in pencil both sides)  N- $20.00
SAME**  E $10.00

Donnie Elbert  DELUXE 6125  What Can I Do/ Hear My Plea  (couple sm. whitish areas flip DNAP)  E $8.00

Donnie Elbert  DELUXE 6148  Leona/ Have I Sinned  (partial greying a-side, scuff flip, Porky classic!)  E- $8.00

Terry Fell & The Fellers  X 0010  Truck Driving Man/ Don't Drop It  (great version of this country classic)  V+ $3.00

Fi-Tones Quintet  ATLAS 1055  Silly & Sappy/ I Belong To You  (faintest signs of storage, less than half-dozen plays on NOS record)  E+ $15.00

Five C's  UNITED 180  My Heart's Got The Blues/ Goody, Goody  (plays ex!)  V+ $8.00

The Five Scamps   COLUMBIA 30168  Good Lover Blues/ The Fishing Song  (female risque novelty flip)  E $3.00

The Four Buddies  SAVOY 769I Will Wait/ Just To See You Smile Again  (a-side bit more play, couple lt intro clicks, b-side c.h. lbl flakes)  V+/E- $5.00
**SAME (a-side evenly greyed, another obvious juke refugee)  V/E- $3.00

The Four Buddies  SAVOY 779  Sweet Slumber/ Don't Leave Me Now   (stack rub, full shine, some ticks flip)  E-/V+ $10.00
**SAME  (lbl wear at center hole)  V $1.00

Four Internes  FEDERAL 12097  Count Your Many Blessings/ Going Back To Jesus  E+ $20.00

Four Internes  FEDERAL 12146  Stepped In The Water/ Holy Father  (lightly greyed)  V+ $10.00

Four Internes  FEDERAL 12154  I Just Rose To Tell You/ You'd Better Mind  E- $8.00

Four Internes  FEDERAL 12170 wlp  Do You Know Him/ Who Will Your Captain Be  E- $8.00

The Four Tunes  JUBILEE 5128  Marie/ I Gambled With Love  E $3.00

The Four Vagabonds  APOLLO 1055  Dreams Are A Dime A Dozen/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now  (purple label coupls flakes each side, typically some background)  E- $3.00

Please email first to reserve records. Postage will be added to ALL orders.

email: stvnj@janceemusic.com