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78 rpm records!  Lots of high-grade Post-War Blues, R&B!

Set-sale offerings of shellac and better 7-inch vinyl
plus jukebox-friendly 45rpm reissues/repros/originals

email:  stvnj@janceemusic.com

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"The Pittsburgh Sound... Searching For A First Press"

A pictorial reference to the Mad Mike Moldies LP series.

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"Woo Hoo" by The Rock-A-Teens!
Record #76591 was possibly the last APEX 78 pressed!
(78rpm production supposedly ended with record numbers in the 76400's.
Know of a higher number?  If so, please email me at

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In addition to payment by personal check, money order, or well-concealed cash,
(sorry, no IMOs) we now accept PayPal. However, due to rising PayPal fees
we regret that a 50-cent charge must be added to purchases of $10.00 or less.

"Thirty Years Late... But What A Trip"

JAN CEE MUSIC Publishing (BMI) Vinyl Discography .

JAN CEE MUSIC Publishing (BMI) was formed in 1992 to create original, previously unreleased recordings.
Manufacturing was expanded in 1994 for current promotional material, and again in 1999 in order to archive
obscure recordings which had been previously unavailable to a majority of collectors.  Produced in
limited quantity utilizing original session tapes or reference acetates for digital mastering.

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